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Current Series

Build 1: Home Sweet Home
Your place is part of His plan.
Nehemiah 1:1-11

What is the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced? Whatever it is, you’re probably familiar with the little knot that forms in your stomach. The nerves. The feeling of being completely overwhelmed. The Bible tells the story of a guy named Nehemiah who was all too familiar with that feeling. Growing up in service to a king in Babylon and then Persia, Nehemiah probably didn’t think his life would make much of a story. But when he learns that his family’s homeland is in ruins, something changes in Nehemiah. He decides to do something about it—to go there. To build. Nehemiah decided to face, head-on, the God-sized challenge of rebuilding the wall surrounding Jerusalem and creating a safe place for his people. And through his story, we may just find the tools we need to face the challenge of improving our church and our town. It’s time to build.

Build 2: Against the Wall
Step out, and let God Step up.
Nehemiah 2:1-17; Nehemiah 6:15

Paralyzed. Have you ever felt that way at the beginning of a big project? Maybe it was a research paper or presentation at your job. Or maybe it’s something even bigger than that. Maybe you dream of doing something big with your life—something that matters. But the idea of actually doing it is really intimidating. You aren’t sure where to start. So it just seems easier to plan on back away slowly. Big results require big actions—and you just don’t feel ready for that. Nehemiah faced a similar challenge—he wanted to do something, felt called to do something, that seemed nearly impossible. But what Nehemiah didn’t let the fear take over. He didn’t stand, paralyzed, on the sideline. Instead, he discovered that the most important step you take may also be the smallest. The first step.

Build 3: Get A Job
Through serving, you become who you’re meant to be.
Nehemiah 4:16-17

52 days. It’s not a long time. Less than two months. That’s how long it took Nehemiah to build a wall around his entire city—not with cranes, but with bricks and human hands. It’s really amazing. But Nehemiah didn’t do it alone. There are lists in the Bible of different people, different families who pitched in. Some of them used their specific talents. Others just jumped in where they were needed. And, in doing so, they became a picture of what the Church was meant to be. People of various talents and abilities working toward one goal— unique but unified. And we have the opportunity to do the same. To work as one body, toward one goal. As we do, we may just discover that we are becoming the people we were meant to be all along.

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