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Past Series

PROPEL 1: Big Life
When it comes to growing our faith, doing is better than knowing.
Matthew 7:24-27

What does it really take to grow up spiritually or to move forward in your faith? Some people think you can make progress by knowing a lot of stuff, memorize lots of Bible verses, and crush everyone in Bible trivia. Others think you can grow simply by going to church a lot. Jesus told his followers the story of two men— each with a house and each with a storm. What Jesus said about these men can help all of us find our way to move forward in our faith.

PROPEL 2: Big Team
God uses people to propel our faith.
Proverbs 13:20; 1 Corinthians 15:33

Anytime you hear a story about someone’s journey toward God, you always hear about a relationship, not only with God but also with another person. God uses other people to help us propel forward in our faith. But how do you make that happen? How do you get those kinds of people in your life? The book of Proverbs gives us an idea of exactly the kind of person we need in our lives in order to move forward spiritually. If we’re willing to do what it says, not only will we find ourselves around the kind of people who help us grow, but we may also find that we become the kind of person who helps others grow as well.

PROPEL 3: Big Serve
There’s a direct connection between growing and serving.
Matthew 14:13-29

There are a lot of needs out there, and that can make the idea of serving feel overwhelming. What are you supposed to do? Even if you gave all your money and all your time, would it make a dent? In the New Testament, Jesus’ disciples were found themselves with a similar dilemma. Faced with a huge crowd in need of food, and very little resources to give, making a difference seemed impossible. But what we learn from their story may just give us the courage to serve anyway. Because when we bring what we have, God has the opportunity to show up a way that can propel our faith in a way we never would have anticipated.

PROPEL 4: Big Moments
In tough times, God works in you so that He can work through you.
John 11:1-45

Nobody wants to experience tough times. No matter what the cause, two things are true about our most difficult situations: They have the power to cause us great pain and they have the power to propel our faith like nothing else. Through the story of one of Jesus’ close friends, Lazarus, we find that when tough times hit, it can stretch the faith of anyone, even those who know Jesus the best. But if we’re willing to stay close to Him we may just find that we can emerge on the other side of the storm with a faith that is even stronger than before and an opportunity to help others do the same.

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