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Current Series

Risen 1: Triumphal Entry

Life is no longer about who we think Jesus is; it’s about who He actually is.
Have you ever noticed how sometimes things don’t turn out the way you expect them to? Okay, for some of us, that happens a lot. Sometimes our expectations are really big—we think one person, one event, one word will change everything in our lives. And while that may make things different for a while, it never seems to last, does it? And when it doesn’t end up lasting, it’s easy to be really disappointed in that person, that event, those words. But what if the problem isn’t with any of those things? Consider this—what if God, who sees and knows everything, has a bigger picture than you or I can see? And the things that we think will either fulfill or advance our lives aren’t even close to what we need in order to become who we were intended to be. If so, maybe it’s time for a shift in what you and I are expecting from life—and from God.

Mark 11:1-11; Zechariah 9:9

Risen 2: The Cross

Jesus gave His life to rescue those who put their faith in Him.

The cross was the turning point of history—no doubt about it. It changed the story forever. If we have grown up in church, we know this. We also know it should be the turning point of our own lives too. And it is—or at least feels like it is—for awhile. But then we find ourselves falling back into the same old habits, falling into familiar patterns. And it starts to feel like we just can’t get it right. But the cross already did something incredible—it forever changed the trajectory of our lives. It was a demonstration of God’s love. And we can live in that. Accept that. Relish that. And begin living in light of that. Because of the cross, we don’t have to do a thing. It has already been done for us.

Romans 6:23; Romans 5:8

Risen 3: Sunday

Jesus Christ defeating death proved God had a plan since the beginning.

Pain is a part of the story—everybody’s story. And for the disciples, the day they saw Jesus die was a day when their pain had probably never felt more real. It seemed like God had abandoned and forgotten them. That was on Friday. But then Sunday came—and Jesus was alive! This plot-twist changed the world of the disciples. But it still means something for us today. The resurrection of Jesus gives us hope that God has a Sunday—someday—for all of us. One day, all the pain, all the brokenness, all the hurt will be gone. The resurrection is a guarantee of the someday we all long for—of a world made right when our current world feels so wrong.

Matthew 27:46; Luke 24:1–8; Revelation 21:4

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