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Current Series

The Power of Prayer
Rarely do we understand so much about a subject and practice it so little. In this series on the power of prayer we will not only unpack the precepts about prayer, but we will learn how to pray in an effective, powerful manner that will elicit supernatural results.
Are you facing a difficult situation right now? A job loss? Health problems? A relationship gone sour? In this series, God’s Word tells us how we can bring God’s power into our impossible situation and begin experiencing his peace and wisdom like never before. We will learn how to pray with absolute confidence in an all powerful God, and we will discover some conditions that open ourselves up to God’s power and wisdom.
The Power of Prayer 1: Impossible Situations
Acts 12:1-19

The Power of Prayer 2: Absolute Confidence
1 John 5:13-15; Mark 11:22-24

The Power of Prayer 3: Conditions for Power
1 John 3:21-22; Psalm 101

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